Participation in the Arquitectura y Empresa Foro Contract

We want to share the enjoyable experience we had participating in the Foro Contract organized by Arquitectura y Empresa. This event provided us with a valuable opportunity to contribute to meaningful conversations about design and architecture.

Our team was present to learn and share in a collaborative environment. We appreciate the chance to connect with colleagues and explore new perspectives that will enrich our approach in future projects.

We thank Arquitectura y Empresa for providing this platform that encourages the exchange of ideas. The experience at the Foro Contract has been enriching, and we look forward to applying what we’ve learned in our upcoming projects.

Recent Site Visits: MLJ, GTN, and SCH

We’ve had the privilege of conducting recent visits to projects that fill us with pride: MLJ, GTN, and SCH, extraordinary endeavors designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Each visit is a unique experience where we witness the materialization of our contribution to these exceptional architectural projects.

Being the structural designers goes beyond just drafting; our site visits stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and precise execution. Observing how each beam, column, and detail seamlessly integrates into Fran Silvestre’s vision is a reminder of the significance of our role in the process.

We are thrilled to be part of these exceptional projects. To be entrusted with the responsibility for the structures and to see them come to life is a source of immense satisfaction. We are delighted to be part of projects that are not only visually striking but also push the boundaries of architecture.

We express our gratitude to Fran Silvestre Arquitecto, and we are excited about the future, continuing to be the backbone of projects that redefine contemporary architecture.



David Navarro López

Welcoming Our New Team Member!

With great joy, we announce the arrival of Lucrecia del Prado Pérez as the latest addition to our team. Her exceptional experience and skills make her a valuable collaborator for us.

We are eager to work together and leverage her talent to continue growing as a team.

Welcome, Lucrecia! We are excited to have you with us.



Event | NIU Houses Campolivar

On June 22, 2023, Estructuras Singulares had the privilege of attending the successful inauguration of the innovative CASAS NIU showroom, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos . The event, held in Godella, Valencia, marked an incredible advancement in architecture in Spain. CASAS NIU, an innovative and avant-garde project, captivated attendees with its sophisticated design and modern features. These homes stand out for their energy efficiency, seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, and intelligent use of available space. The systematization of the design and construction process allows for new levels of precision, quality, and design, while reducing construction time and avoiding budget overruns.

As experts in unique projects, Estructuras Singulares takes pride in collaborating on such projects and being part of this inauguration.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos continues to establish itself as a leading firm in the industry, reaffirming its commitment to architectural excellence and the creation of exceptional living spaces.



Teaching | March Valencia


Last Friday, February 24, the team of Estructuras Singulares UPV collaborated in the MARCH, Master in Architecture and Design, giving a session based on the design and calculation of furniture through structural analysis software.